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About Striper Solutions LLC

Our Business

Technical Consulting

Striper Solutions LLC is a consulting firm based in Hollis New Hampshire that was established in January 2017. Striper specializes in providing technical consulting services to businesses that are developing new products.

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David Connor

Striper Solutions LLC is owned and operated by David Connor, President.


Mr. Connor is an IEEE product consultant with an extensive background in the development of equipment for international commercial and industrial applications. With both a engineering and management background, he is able to provide a unique consulting skill set, providing both technical analysis and management direction for practical solutions to product issues.

A picture of David Connor, president of Striper Solutions LLC

David Connor
President, Striper Solutions LLC

Proven Track Record

At Striper Solutions LLC, we understand the ever-changing landscape of product development. Over the last decade we've thrived by helping our customers bring innovative products to domestic and foreign markets and provided our expertise to a diverse range of industries, including capital equipment, robotics, and commercial products.

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Our Primary Focus

Navigating the complex world of product development regulatory compliance has become increasingly crucial to Striper's customers.  An experienced consultant can provide immediate value to a development team. So, Striper has shifted our primary consulting focus to providing expert guidance in this critical area.

Regulatory Consulting for Product Development

The Underwriters Laboratory 'UL' certification symbol.
The Organization for International Standards logo

Our Associates

When addressing critical product issues, it's important to have a reliable and experienced team on your side. Striper has put together a network of experts with specialized technological backgrounds, providing support for regulatory issues.


If you need additional support for  EMC, high speed electronic design, product safety, or sensor system, rest assured that our associates will provide the expertise needed.

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